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Trailer Loading - Day 11

I got to the barn just as Sarah was taking Jake out of the pasture, so I let Graf turn out there and play with Ansel for a couple of minutes while I got their buckets ready. I put the buckets in the trailer mangers and opened up the doors and then went and collected the boys.

Published August 5, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 10

Didn't get out to the barn until about 6 so we had another evening (though not quite twilight) session. Again I used grain instead of carrots and just put his rubber feed pan into the manger. This time I was able to just walk up and ask him to load...

Published August 4, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 9

We took yesterday off. Ansel had a massage and got some of the kinks out of his back and hamstrings and tummy. This morning I was a little pushed for time after riding, but I still wanted to work on loading. So I grabbed a scoop of grain and his rubber bowl and headed over.

Published August 1, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 7

Well it wasn't a fluke. Went out this evening about 7. Ansel was pretty interested it what might be lurking around the other trailers. But when I asked him to step into the trailer, he did. I asked for one or two partial loads, then moved the cone...

Published July 30, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 6

I took the weekend off from loading - too many other things going on. When I went back to it today, Ansel was a bit distracted walking over to the trailer, but I remembered to chunk things down - not just try to start with the target at the furthest...

Published July 29, 2007

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