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Trailer Loading - Day 4 & 5

Didn't work on loading - Saturday I had to cook all day. Sunday I just went out and rode with Kate and called it a day.

Published July 28, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 3

Grrrr. Today was definitely 2 steps backward. I got a couple of successful touches - and a lot of sniffing and staring out the window or trying to wander off. Oh well, Rome wasn't built in a day. It probably wasn't the best idea to try to shoehorn...

Published July 26, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 2

Ansel isn't fabulous with tight spaces but has gotten a lot better over the years and will follow me just about anywhere, including a lot of places I can't ride or follow him into. One thing that has probably helped overcome his claustrophobia is all the practice he gets following me between the lockers (a space about half again as wide as my straight-load trailer and too narrow to turn around in) to mug for the sugar lumps that are kept there.

Anyway, we had our second session today and I was pleasantly surprised at how rapidly I could increase my criteria.

Published July 25, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 1

I was a bit rushed this evening so did not even open up the ramps for our initial session. I just took Ansel over to where the trailer is parked and started working on targeting a cone, first in hand, then in hand for longer periods, then placed it...

Published July 24, 2007

Trailer Loading - Day 0

So I have decided my priority for the next month is trailer loading. Ansel loads adequately if there is already another horse in the trailer, but getting him in on his own can be a long process and often needs a second person - someone to close the...

Published July 23, 2007

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